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Dry Hire

Hire Our Equipment & Bar Staff For Your Event

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mobile bar hire

Dry Hire

Bespoke bar hire for any venue

Hire our equipment, staff and glassware for your event. We’ll set up your chosen bar and leave you to stock and serve your guests. We can also provide staff hire, cocktail waiter hire, glassware hire and even place your favourite draught choice on the bar for you.

Place your favourite lager, ale, craft lager and / or cider on our bars. With over 50 options to pick from. Ordered in fresh for your event enabling us to pour a perfect pint at any venue or location.

Our professional bar team and cocktail waiters can be hired for your event.

Hire an array of fancy glassware and branded pint glasses (matching your draught choice).

Step 1

Choose Dry Hire Package

Just The Bar

From £299

Hire one of our 10ft bars without any equipment.Comes with matching 6ft back bar.

Add Draught Package

From £103

Treat your guests your favourite draught options on tap at your event. We’ll provide full equipment and set up your chosen options for the perfect pour.

Step 2

Choose Your Bar

We offer a selection of hand built bespoke bars for your event. Each set up as pictured with the ability to add decorations to fit your theme. Built to comfortably serve large guest numbers. Not your usual flat pack mobile bar. These bars are built to serve on any ground. We love the look of our bars and we’re sure you and your guests will too.

10ft Oak

mobile bar hire wedding bar hire hire a bar
Solid oak bar top with oak trim front. Locally sourced and made in Sheffield. Comes with matching 6ft back bar, shelving, lights and props.

10ft Walnut

Solid walnut bar top with oak trim front. Locally sourced and made in Sheffield. Comes with matching 6ft back bar, shelving, lights and props.

10ft Rustic

mobile bar hire wedding bar hire
Our newest addition, the rustic bar offers a lighter feel to your event. Comes with matching rustic back bar, shelving, lights and props.

Peroni Bar

Peroni Mobile Bar Hire
Our sleek new Italian Peroni bar offers a refined look while supplying premium draft on tap for any event.

Step 3

Choose Your Dry Hire Additions

Take the stress out of managing your own drinks and receive £50 off your chosen bar package with our fully inclusive drinks packages. All prices include absolutely everything and a team of fantastic staff members to serve your chosen options.

Glassware Hire

Our glassware will arrive with us on set up. All glass will arrive boxed and clean ready for use. Once finished simply put them back in the box and we’ll do the rest.

Prices inclusive of VAT and cleaning.

Standard Glassware

Branded Pint Glass – 30p
Matching your draught option.

Tulip Pint – 30p
Great for ale, craft cider and soft drinks.

Half Pint / Water Glass – 30p
Great for soft drinks, spirit mixers and table water glasses.

Rock Glass – 35p
A heavy short glass designed for whiskey and spirit mixers.

Flute – 35p
A long stemmed flute designed for your fizz option.

Wine Glass – 30p
Marked at 125ml – 250ml perfect for behind the bar.

Premium Glassware

Martini Glass – 45p
An elegant Martini glass. Great for espresso and passionfruit martinis,

Premium Wine Glass – 45p
Long stemmed and heavy. Ideal for the wine drinkers amongst the crowd or for table glassware.

Collins Glass – 35p
Taller than the half pint glass. Perfect for cocktails.

Mason Jar – 35p
Great for Mojitos, sour cocktails and whiskey cocktails.

Premium Water Glass – 35p 

Fantastic for table glassware.

Premium Flute – 35p

A long stemmed elegant flute design perfect for tables.

Staff Hire

Hire a team of our amazing staff members and cocktail waiters to pour and serve for your event.

  • Staff will arrive prior to service
  • Uniformed (white shirt, black trousers, black shoes, bar apron)
  • Work throughout the service hours you require

Bar Staff – £15 an hour

Mixologist – £20 an hour

Mixologist and cocktail making lesson – £25 an hour

Our fantastic mixologist will guide you through all of the cocktails on your bespoke cocktail menu. Comes with full bar equipment and plenty of shakers for you and your guests.

Menu Design & Shopping List

We will offer our expertise on stock levels, options and design a cocktail menu with full shopping list and quantities – £50

Free with staff hire, cocktail waiter hire or cocktail making package.