Just pour with our keg hire packages and enjoy draft lager anywhere.

Dispense 88 pints of draft lager anywhere with our keg hire packages. We use the American keg pump which means you can have draft lager at any event without the need for a power supply or costly draft coolers and Co2. The cheapest way to enjoy fresh lager at your event.

 Keg Hire Packages

We offer full equipment hire and set up with every keg package. All you will have to do is pour.

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It’s simple.. The keg is placed in a keg bucket filled with ice, tapped with our deluxe American hand pumps, left to cool for an hour and you’re ready to start drinking. The keg tap will then dispense every last drop of lager without the need for a power supply.

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We deliver up to 80 miles outside of Sheffield – 7 days a week.

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