Just pour with our keg hire packages and enjoy draught lager anywhere.


 Keg Hire Packages

 A fantastic way to enjoy draught lager & cider at your next event.

We’ll deliver and set up your chosen kegs and leave you to enjoy draught lager at your event. it’s that simple. 

Included in all of our keg hire packages 

More Information

Full Draught System Hire

You can choose between the following two set ups… 

Keg Party Pump  

This system is used a lot in America. The keg sits in a keg bucket full of ice and is tapped with a keg party pump. This system will work without a power supply. 

Draught System (new 2018)

Free Upgrade With Two Or More Kegs / Casks Purchased

This system is used on our mobile bars and in pubs / bars. CO2 is used to push the lager through a flash cooler and out of a chrome font ( as you’d see in a pub). 

We will need access to a power supply and a table / bar to mount your chrome lager font onto. 

Delivery & Pick Up

We deliver up to 80 miles outside of Sheffield – 7 days a week.

Delivery to a Sheffield address is free.

Areas outside of Sheffield will be charged a delivery fee of 22p a mile 

How Do I Book?

Advanced booking is advised in the summer months

To book your keg package simply click on our keg menu below and decide what lager, ale and or cider you’d like. Once you’ve decided either fill in our online enquiry form (the green tab at the side of the screen) or give our office a call and one of our staff members will be happy to help you. 

Simply pick your draught lager choice and fill in our online form at the bottom or give our office a call.

£205.00 £195.00
£165.00 £155.00
£215.00 £205.00

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