Just Pour With Our Cask Ale Hire Packages.

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Working alongside Abbeydale Brewery enables us to deliver and set up any of their award winning ales at any venue. 

Our cask ale packages are fully inclusive of everything. All you will have to do is enjoy a hand pulled pint of your favourite ale.

Included in all of our cask ale packages 


Does it need time to settle?

We like to make sure we’re doing Abbeydale’s amazing ale justice. Therefore your orders are picked up straight from the brewery and brought to your event. 

We like to set up the day before to allow the ale to settle over night if possible. It will be ready to drink the following day. 

If we can only set up on the day of the event your cask will be re-racked bright. This means it can be consumed as soon as we set it up. 

How Does It Work?

Your chosen cask will be tapped and connected to one of our beer engines. The beer engine will be clamped onto a table/ bar. 

once the beer engine is connected you can enjoy hand pulled pints at your venue. It’s as simple as that. 

Where Do We Deliver?

We have a delivery radius of 80 miles outside of Sheffield 7 days a week. 

Delivery and pick up in Sheffield is Free of charge. 

Delivery outside of Sheffield is charged at 22p a mile

How Do I Book?

Advanced booking is advised in the summer months

Simply pick your chosen ale / craft lager and either give our office a call or click on the blue enquiry tab at the side of the page. 

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All Prices include VAT

We enjoy working with local breweries. Should you be after a specific ale / craft beer from a specific brewery please get in touch. 

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