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The Brand New Website Launch

Courtesy of the fantastic Blue Strawberry Elephant.

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We’re excited to launch our new website

With the incredible team at Blue Strawberry Elephant

It has been an exciting month putting the finishing touches to our brand new website. After seven years in business it was time to let the professionals handle our new look. We’re extremely pleased with the work the talented team at Blue Strawberry Elephant have produced. Not only does our website look phenomenal they have achieved things in wordpress script that we can only dream of.

A huge thank you to Joss for his hard work on this website. He has taken our ideas and completely transformed them into an incredible site.

As you can probably tell by now we are extremely happy with our new look and can’t wait for our new customers to land on the newly designed pages.

If you’re in need of a website or re-brand please give the incredible team at Blue Strawberry Elephant a call.