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Mobile Event Bar Packages 2024

Celebrating 10 years in business

We have been busy meeting with you all and planning all of your fantastic events for 2024. The cocktail menu is always a massive hit at events and with all of our bar packages you will decide what is on your menu. The personalised menu has led to some brilliant cocktail menus. All of your cocktails can be renamed to further personalise your package. We’re looking forward to the start of the cocktail shaking season in a few weeks time.

Ingredients & Prep

A lot of thought and experimentation has gone into our cocktail selections on the brochure. These have been designed to taste fantastic but be able to be made quickly on a busy bar.

All of our cocktails are made fresh for each order – we don’t use any premixes.

Espresso Martini is one of our most popular cocktails for this year. This requires us to brew 2L of fresh espresso for each bar. This makes a fantastic espresso martini so it is really worth the effort.

Picking your cocktail menu

We provide a fully personalised menu because you know your guests better than we do. Ask your guests and make sure we have popular options amongst the crowd placed on the menu. It is your event so make sure you have your favourites on there too!



All of your cocktails can be renamed and branded for your event. There is no judgment on names (there has been some ridiculous ones on there over the years). Your cocktails will be displayed on a large blackboard and easel with your renamed cocktail having a description under each one.



Should you be struggling to pick your menu we are happy to help. We’ll talk you through all of our popular options and recommend quicker cocktails for larger crowds.


Our back bar is arranged to ensure a quick turn around of your cocktail menu. All of the cocktails ordered will be made fresh by our incredible team. We look forward to serving your favourite cocktail for your next event.

All of our packages come with the following as standard…


  • Meetings with us to build your menu
  • 10ft bar of choice with full equipment and shelving
  • Uniformed staff & cocktail waiters
  • Personalised cocktail menu containing your favourite cocktails
  • Your Choice on tap – Ale lager or craft
  • Unlimited service hours
  • Full bar glassware
  • 50kg + Ice and freezer
  • Fruit & herb garnish
  • Fully personalised menu
  • Three door bottle fridge packed with an array of drinks (including soft drinks and premium tonics)
  • Most importantly a fully personalised bar menu served with a smile.

Book one of our Bar Packages today by simply filling in our online form further down the page or giving our office a call.

Have any questions? Please feel free to ask away by email or over the phone.

Our Cocktail Brochure