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Booking A Mobile Bar For Your Event FAQ

Celebrating 10 years in business

We have been providing mobile bar services to weddings and events for the past 11 years. We thought it’d be great to share some frequently asked questions about the industry and what you should be asking when booking a mobile bar.

  • Licensing – TEN License 

If your event is under 500 guests and the company serving at your event is either charging, tabbing or using tokens for drinks then you WILL require a TEN license. If any transaction is taking place at your venue you will need a license (unless the venue already has one in place).

This should be applied for by the bar company as they will be responsible for making sure all licensing obligations are met at your event.

A license will also cover you for music on premises.

  • Glassware 

On all of our bookings we go through the need for washing facilities in order to maintain glassware behind the bar. This can be running water so we can set up a washing station out of site. We try and use glass throughout all of our events.

A common option for bar companies is to serve all of their drinks in plastic glassware. Please make this a question you ask when booking your preferred supplier.

  • Staff Numbers 

We work closely with you to match our staffing levels to the amount of staff you’ll need behind the bar to ensure an efficient service.

Please ask your chosen company about the amount of staff they are willing to supply before booking along with if they use agency staff.

  • Power Requirements 

Bar companies will not pull a lot of power from your generator or mains supply. On testing our full set up roughly pulls around 5amps. One of our only requirements is that we have two 13amp plug sockets at the bar area.

Getting in touch with your generator supplier to make sure you have 13amp extensions on your booking is a great way to ensure all suppliers inside your marquee / tipi are catered for.

  • Bar Prices and options

We prefer a very transparent process, all of our prices and options are available on the website. All of our menus are fully personalised with your option on tap along with which cocktails you’d like on your specials menu.

If you cannot see menu prices please ask for these before booking. Your guests will not appreciate extremely high prices on the bar.

  • Minimum Spend

A lot of bar companies use this method when providing Pay Bars / Cash Bars for your event. Please ask about minimum spends and the charges for not meeting the target.

We prefer a more transparent approach. Instead of claiming our service is free then charging a minimum spend we just charge one flat fee which enables us to have fantastic staff behind the bar, a fully personalised menu and most importantly pub prices across the entire menu.


Planning your next event? 

If you are planning your next event we’d love to hear from you. Please fill in our online enquiry form or give us a call and we’ll talk you through all of your options.

We look forward to hearing from you.

All of our packages come with the following as standard…


  • Meetings with us to build your menu
  • 10ft bar of choice with full equipment and shelving
  • Uniformed staff & cocktail waiters
  • Personalised cocktail menu containing your favourite cocktails
  • Your Choice on tap – Ale lager or craft
  • Unlimited service hours
  • Full bar glassware
  • 50kg + Ice and freezer
  • Fruit & herb garnish
  • Fully personalised menu
  • Three door bottle fridge packed with an array of drinks (including soft drinks and premium tonics)
  • Most importantly a fully personalised bar menu served with a smile.

Book one of our Bar Packages today by simply filling in our online form further down the page or giving our office a call.

Have any questions? Please feel free to ask away by email or over the phone.

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